Temptation MagIC

Natsume Sakasaki

Good afterNOON.

Sick of performing party tricks with cards and foam diE? Want to perform real magIC? Then you’ve come to the right place…

I am Natsume Sakasaki, Leader of Switch and ex-member of the Five Eccentrics. Trained under the Wataru Hibiki, I am well versed in all things magic and even have an apprentice of my owN.

GIF of moving text saying Enlarge your orb now! with a wizard saying hot! repeatedly.

Being a fortune teller means not only being connected to the supernatural world but also with the lives and futures of othERS. It is with this power that fortune tellers and magicians are capable of using their abilities on other peopLE.

Listen to what this poor bloke had to say after him and I had a particularly nasty encounTER.

“I have six months left to live.”

- Eichi Tenshouin

small image of Eichi Tenshouin holding a water gun and smiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning the ways of the supernatural world can be difficult if you dont have access to the right informaTION. For this reaSON, I have composed a list of questions I am frequently asked as a magicAN.

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H-hi there...

Do you th-think I could have your credit card information, p-please?



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More about Natsume Sakasaki

(written by Tsumugi)

Take this from his wiki history maybe. or just his wiki. throw in one of Tsumugi's weird descripts of him to make it seem like it was written by Tsu. Remember to include history of Five Eccentrics.

(DIRECTLY FROM WIKI BTW) As the son of a famous fortune teller, Natsume engages in fortune telling alongside idol work. His unit, Switch, was established in 2016, with three members; Sora Harukawa, Tsumugi Aoba, and Natsume himself. huff huff siGH, coding is so hard especially when im ignoring schoolwork to do iT.

Real Reviews From Real PeopLE.

"This guy just follows me around and calls me Shishou but honestly i dont even know him like that."

- Wataru Hibiki

Mentor and Fellow Eccentric of Natsume Sakasaki

Small image of Wataru Hibiki

“Shisho taught Sora how to cast ‘raise dead’ this morning!”

- Sora Harukawa

Apprentice and Unitmate of Natsume Sakasaki

“I am so scared of this dude.”

- Tomoya Mashiro

Some guy. Does he even attend this school?

“I smashed a frying pan over his head one morning and he didn’t even yell at me! Just fell straight to the floor, no complaints! Good guy!”

- Leo Tsukinaga

Roommate of Natsume Sakasaki


- Nazuna Nito

Other roommate of Natsume Sakasaki, Father of 3?

“Natsume Sakasaki is an incredible friend and a reliable unitmate. I have known Natsume since we were kids and he’s always been there for me.”

- Tsumugi Aoba

Unitmate of Natsume Sakasaki

“Nobody cares, Tsumugi”

- Hiyori Tomoe

Powerhouse of EDEN and Eve


- Nazuna Nito

Father of 2

“How do I hurt him in a way that matters? Everytime I go to strike him with my sword, he casts ‘forgor’ on me and I quickly forget what I was doing. Any advice?”

- Souma Kanzaki